Maidstont, Kent, September 2019

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Sabra Sabre Meeting 2019

14 Sabras and Sabres attended our 2018 meeting in Mons, although due to a technical issue only 13 gathered together at the same time. Was this a record? Well in 2010 we managed to gather together 15 Sabra and Sabre cars at the same time at the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. A similar number (14 or 15) attended one of Don Pithers’ Sabre Days back in the 1980s - can anyone confirm this?

 How about 16+ cars at next year’s meeting? We have undertaken to organise the meeting for 2019 and it will be based at Maidstone, Kent and will take place on the 6-9th September. Anyone who owns or has an interest in Sabres or Sabras is very welcome to join us for all or part of the weekend. Please Mail Us for further information.