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The RSSOC (Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners' Club) Sabre Register.

The following pages list chassis number, manufacture date and original colour for the Sabres manufactured by Reliant.

For Sabre Fours, the greyed out entries are left hand drive cars designated Sabras and directly exported to America on behalf of Autocars, Isreal. See Jef Neefs' website for further details of Sabras.

Chassis numbers highlighted in yellow relate to cars currently known to the RSSOC Sabre Registrars or known to have been scrapped in the past. For these cars the Register has additional data including factory despatch date, first registration date, engine number, axle number, gearbox and suspension details, factory remarks, original dealer or customer and their location, current and past owner names and contact details, original and current registration number, current colour, DVLA Registration Status.

Note that if you are a member of the RSSOC and own a Sabre Four or Sabre Six, please check that your car is identified as "known" on the respective list. If it is not please let us know via the RSSOC Sabre Registrar address

As can be seen from the lists, there are plenty of gaps. If you have any information about any of the "missing" cars we would be very pleased to hear from you. If you are a registered owner let us now if you would like a copy of the Register data sheet for you car. In either case email us via the link on the left or the RSSOC Sabre Registrar address.

Sabre Four

Sabre Six